Sunday, November 27, 2011

Best chapter

To me the best chapter has to be the last one. Chapter thirteen. She had ventured for ten years before she found a home, a good home where someone wanted her and accepted her. She still never found out who her biological  father was. She reconnected with most of her family. Such as her mom's sister, who helped raise her, and also her uncle. Her aunt told her the truth about the baby in the box, and what happened. She found out Adele had got really sick. Her grandfather also came over to visit her because he had not seen her since she lived with him. While with her family, she discovered a lot of truths that she would have never known if she did not have that one visit with them. Her mother, Lorraine was on her way to come see her. But Ashley did not want to see her for anything, so they left before she got there.

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