Monday, November 21, 2011

Two places mentioned.

There are many places mentioned in this book. Gay and Phil Courters home is probably one of the most important places. These are her adoptive parents. She had not lived with them long before she agreed to let them adopt her, or before she said the "The Three Little Words". After spending so long in foster homes and foster care, she wonders why there is finally a family that wants her. A family that has two grown children, why would they want another, another one thats a misfit. After she gets adopted, these people become the most important people in her life. She is more then greatful to have them, and she loves her new older brothers. These people are the ones who are going to be there for her forever, they are still in her life today. One other place that made a big change in her life was Marjorie Moss' foster home. She was mean to the kids. She was the wicked witch of the west. She had beaten the kids, and acted like life was great when social workers would come by to check up on the kids. She would force some of the kids to eat hot sauce, sometimes she would even put them in a high chair and force the hot sauce down their throat. One time, she took Ashley's little brother Luke, and basically drowned him the bathtub because of something he did. She would beat the kids with spoons, and make them "squat" against the wall to the point where it hurt them so bad. She would hit the kids, and leaves marks. None of the social workers believed any of the kids, and the kids would be threatend with one of Marjorie Moss' mean tourments.

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