Sunday, November 27, 2011


Ashley had spent so many years in foster care. Nine years is a lot to a little girl, who had been taken from her mom at such a young age. She lived in fourteen different homes, with different parents, different siblings, different families. Her mother had her at such a young age, and just could not care for a baby. Her mom ended up having Luke, her younger brother by two years. Foster care took them both at the same time. Her moms life spirals out of control, as she promises Ashley over and over again that she would get her back, not to mention this lady was the most important lady to Ashley. Ashley had been left clinging to her and her mothers relationship which was unpredictable, and dissolving. She never understood why she couldn't live with her mom. She was left with painful memories of being taken away and juggled between foster homes. Ashley eventually finds courage to succeed and get over the fact her mother is not coming back for her.

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