Friday, November 18, 2011

Important people

Ashely Rhodes-Courter, also the author of the book. It was based on her, and she wrote it. Her brother, Luke was also a very important character, he was always with her going through the foster care system. They were seperated a lot durring those times, but he was always her brother, and younger, and she always worried about him and where he was and how he was. Her grandfather was also very important because he was an alcoholic and for a while Luke and Ashley went and lived with him and his girlfriend. They loved his girlfriend, but they eventually got taken away from their grandpa and his girlfriend. His grandpas girlfriend promised both Luke and Ashley that she would get them back eventually and fight for them as long as she had to...they never returned back there. Ashley and Lukes mother was probably the other big main character besides Ashley and Luke. Ashley was three when she was taken away from her mother. Her mom was the most important figure in her life.

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