Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kind of Person Author is

I'm pretty sure everyone has heard the story about Jaycee Duggard. Everyone knows what kind of person she is by now, or atleast should. She was kidnapped at a young age, had her childhood stolen from her, never knew if her mother was looking for her, or if anyone was ever looking for her, she delivered her first baby at just fourteen. People may ask why did she stay at her kidnappers house, and never run away when they went into public, or when the cops came to investigate, why didnt she tell them? I personally think she is a very careful person, especially with her own children. She probably cares about everyone around her, any person involved in her life. She is probably the kind of person who wants to help others, but doesnt want help from other people because she wants to do it all on her own since she didnt get to for the longest time. She is probably full of wonder, and wonders many things that she missed out on. She wants everyone to care, and care about someone besides themselves which is why she made her own life statement "Jayc" or Just ask yourself to care.                               

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