Thursday, April 5, 2012

Three major events

1) The day Jaycee got kidnapped. "It was an ordinary Monday morning school day" she had woken up to get ready for school. Her mother was already gone at work, her baby sister still asleep in her crib, and her step dad out working in the backyard already. She makes sure to put on the ring her mom gave her four years ago before she met her step dad. She finishes getting ready then goes down and eats and plays with the puppies down the street. Then heads off the bus stop where usually a neighborhood dog will walk with her, but she wasnt there today. She is walking up the hill to the bus stop, she hears a car behind her and it pulls up beside her. The guy rolled down a window and asked her for directions, then he bolted out of the car and uses something to "paralyze" her. She tries getting away, but can't escape. He drags her by her arms and throws her in the truck. She eventually passed out and wakes up at some random place.
2) Jaycee has her first baby. Her kidnapper was a child molester. It was Easter 1994 when she first learned she was pregnant. Her kidnapper and his "wife" came into her room and told her they think she is pregnant. She can feel the baby move and kick her ribs and she realizes she won't be able to give up the baby. She feels a connection with the baby inside of her stomach. Her body is growing everyday and her ribs are bieng pushed out and she is in pain. This happend about two years after he kidnapped her. Her baby came into the world August 18th, 1994 and she is fourteen years old. Her name was "A".
3) Second baby. "A" is now three years old, and Jaycee learns she is pregnant yet once again. She is seventeen years old and about to have her second baby. November 13, 1997 Jaycee gave birth to her second baby "G". Jaycee is stuck raising two little girls at just seventeen in the backyard of her kidnappers home.

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