Thursday, April 5, 2012

Most important element

The most important elements in the story are the character and the events. The character is obvisouly the author and it's a true story based off of what happened to her. It wasnt very common for children to be abducted back in the day, and when this happened it was a big shock to everyone. Everyone in town knew each other, so everyone wondered what would just happen to a little girl? The place can be tied into an important element because the place she was kidnapped and taken too was just right outside her town that she lived in and noone had suspected it when she was just right there. Events are very important because this took her life away from her. Not only did it take life away from her, but it took life away from her mother too. She grew up for 18 years not knowing anything, not finishing school, not learning anything a girl should learn, giving birth at a young age. She didnt know what the outside world was like.

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