Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Purpose in writing book

The authors purpose in writing 'A stolen Life" is to inform people. May it be parents, or children, even teenagers or grandparents. The author of this book, is writing it about herself. She was eleven when she got kidnapped walking to school one day. She doesn't want this to happen to anyone, and she didnt want it to happen to herself. She wants everyone to be aware of the scares out in this world, and how bad it can harm you if something like that does happen. This book may change someones perspective on how they view this world, and how they view people. It may change parents perspectives on letting their kids do certain things. As Jaycee states in the author's note "This book may be confusing to some. But keep in mind throughout my book that this was a very confusing world I lived in." She is basically saying I may have missed out on a lot, and my childhood wasnt the way is should have been, but and I could have had better, but I didnt. She also states how damage had been done to her and her family over those nineteen years she was held captive in a guys backyard right outside of the town she lived in. This book is a book that will be heart touching and make you happy for what you have and for what you live for.

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